The Fall 2014 issue of KINEMA is now online!

The re-designed KINEMA website was launched in 2009.
In 1993, KINEMA, a journal for film and audiovisual media, was founded, a collaborative effort of a small group of academics and film enthusiasts. It started as a hard print journal, but soon after, KINEMA online was launched, complementing the printed format. This allowed us to reach an extensive readership world-wide.
The original design was an uncomplicated and uncluttered one, functional in the first place. As the years went by, however, the Internet has developed dramatically. We realized that the old design has to change, to reflect such a rapidly changing environment as the world wide web. The new KINEMA online design follows the same philosophy as the old one: aesthetic simplicity and easy orientation for the reader. We hope that this new format will help to convey KINEMA's ideas better than the old one.